International Masonry Institute will answer everything you were afraid to ask about air barriers but didn’t. One of the main discussion points is identifying and eliminating air loss into or out of buildings envelope. Air/water penetration occurs through dissimilar material connections, transitions, MEP, penetrations, etc. that penetrate the envelope. Discussion of best practices to help prevent energy loss along with air, moisture and water infiltration/exfiltration are made. Extended building service life of is the net goal of properly designed and installed air barrier systems. Industry drivers for air barrier and air barrier systems such as codes (IBC, IRC, IECC), performance aspects for specifications using ASTM are also examined.

June 6 at noon at 7576 Walton St., Rockford, IL
June 7 at noon at 4600 46th Ave., Rock Island, IL

See details on upcoming masonry education opportunities @ IMI Calendar. Illinois events planned in Chicago, June 16; Addison, June 21; Springfield, June 28; and East Peoria, June 29. 

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