The American Institute of Architects Northeast Illinois Chapter celebrated its 2013 Design Awards on October 10, 2013. Ten projects received recognition in Excellence in Design and Merit in Design out of the fifty-nine entries submitted. In addition, eleven AIA members were honored for fifty plus years as AIA members. The association’s biennial “Celebrate Architecture” event was held at the Elmhurst Art Museum, home of Mies van der Rohe’s McCormick House. Members and guests were engaged in a keynote presentation, “what do architects DO?”, by Peter Brown, AIA

Entries were submitted by architects in suburban Cook, DuPage and Kane Counties. The entries were submitted in the following categories: Architectural Rendering, Art and Design, Distinguished Building over $3 million, Distinguished Building under $3 million, Distinguished Project under $500,000, Interior Architecture, Preservation/Adaptive Reuse and Residential Architecture.

The AIA members receiving honors for more than fifty years of AIA membership were Robert E. Boles, AIA Emeritus; Richard Borvansky, AIA Emeritus; Fred C. Burghardt, AIA Emeritus; R. Thomas Jaeger, AIA Emeritus; Walter M. Lucas, AIA Emeritus; Montgomery M. Orr, AIA Emeritus; Joseph K. Plepel, AIA Emeritus; Guy V. Prisco, AIA Emeritus; Robert H. Shelp, AIA Emeritus; Donald F. Stewart, AIA Emeritus and Robert A. Warren, AIA Emeritus.

The jury was composed of the jury chair Peter Brown, AIA principal of Peter Brown Architects; Douglas Moss, AIA partner of Holzman Moss Bottino Architecture; Greg Papay, FAIA partner of Lake l Flato; Monica Oller, RA principal of Oller & Pejic Architecture and Jim Prendergast, FAIA – partner of Goettsch Partners.

The ten projects receiving recognition were:

Merit in Design for Art and Design/Community Engagement

Footprint-2Claredon Hills Carbon Footprint Project, Claredon Hills, Illinois
Architect/Artist: CH CO2 with Robin Randall
Juror Comments:
– Appreciates using design and experience to engage the community around sustainability.
– The idea of engaging the community around the awareness of carbon footprint is great.
– Brings awareness to different aspects of sustainability.

Merit in Architecture for Interior Architecture

Schaumburg-1Schaumburg Township Main Library Teen Place, Schaumburg, Illinois
Owner: Schaumburg Township District Library
Architect: Dewberry Architects
Juror Comments:
– 70% of this solution is furniture; good flexibility, interesting variety which is what teens want, fine approach; close to no books which is typical of teen library centers.
– Likes the digital production space.

Excellence in Architecture for Interior Architecture

SEIU-1SEIU Health Care Headquarters, Chicago, Illinois
Owner: SEIU Health Care IL-IN
Architect: Wight & Company
Juror Comments:
– Likes this a lot, likes the reclaimed wood floors – nice new look for healthcare.
– Firm took advantage of all of the character of the existing building and stuck a modern space into it; gutsy and they pulled it off
– Good clean modern interventions
– Stripped down interiors
– Thoughtful detailing in an existing space.

Merit in Architecture for Preservation/Adaptive Reuse

Skokie-1Skokie Police Station, Skokie, Illinois
Owner: Village of Skokie
Architect: SRBL Architects, now FGM Architects, Inc.
Juror Comments:
– Significantly changed the existing building, handled the site and compositions sensitively, transformed a solid brick building with sunlight and shade, creating human spaces…. good play of sunlight, nice job extending project into campus
– Likes the added courtyards, moving to outside, pretty masterful

Livingston-1Livingston County Courthouse Interior Renovation, Pontiac, Illinois
Owner: Livingston County
Architect: Dewberry Architects
Juror Comments:
– Appreciates the attention to detail in this building, especially in correcting earlier interventions to the space. Also, respects that the design team used a discovery process to learn about the original materials, the richness of wood panels, for example. Also, the design team let the old building perform to it’s limits and placed the new mechanical system in the new building across the street
– placing the new requirements in the new buildings
– Looks thorough, they were careful
– Looks like they did their research, were methodical, were not tempted to do adaptive re-use, masterful job

Merit in Architecture for Distinguished Building under $3 million

Seager-1Seager Park Interpretive Center, Naperville, Illinois
Owner: Naperville Park District
Architect: Wight & Company
Juror Comments:
– This building is well executed, pretty building, simple program.
– Materials fit nicely in the context.
– Overall, this is one of the nicer projects that we’ve looked at.
– The building does some things really well, it fits nicely in the woods.

Student-1Student Resource Center, Façade Renewal
College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Owner: College of DuPage
Architect: Wight & Company
Juror Comments:
– Took a building that was the cream of the crop in 1983 but failed and dealt with the problem interestingly; likes round glass canopies in the landscape.
– A good design response to a technical problem, not only solves a technical issue, but re-presents the building in a light and delicate way.

Excellence in Architecture for Distinguished Building under $3 million

Salvation-1Salvation Army College for Officer Training Playground, Chicago, Illinois
Owner: Salvation Army College for Officer Training, Major Glen M. Caddy
Architect: Harding Partners
Juror Comments:
– Beautifully detailed, nicely scaled brick wall with the see-through sections, good project.
– The project has a kickball stadium! Playful spaces for kids, the design signifies what the space does, elevates the idea of a playground. Also, appreciate the experience from the sidewalk side of the project, using expected materials in a special way to signify something special and playful on the inside.
– Excellent, did something nice at every opportunity

Merit in Architecture for Distinguished Building over $3 million

Seaton-1Seaton Computing Center, College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Owner: College of DuPage
Architect: Wight & Company
Juror Comments:
– Complete transformation of a bunker of a building, great before and after.
– Good big move on the outside, simple interesting interior, opened the interior to make the space feel larger, brought in day light light, likes the story. Also, shows how much clients and community have shifted thinking in computer facilities…from dark bunkers to open and inviting.
– Radical transformation, it’s creating much more interesting spaces than before.
– Appreciates the transformation.

Excellence in Architecture for Distinguished Building over $3 million.

Hanover-1Hanover Park Police Headquarters, Chicago, Illinois
Owner: Village of Hanover Park
Architect: Dewberry Architects
Juror Comments:
– Thoughtful application of details, unique presentation of a police building. Compositionally handsome, basket of handsome spaces in the project.
– Nice proportions, thoughtful details and material compositions.
– A welcoming civic building for a program type that could be closed and inward.

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