In conjunction with The American Institute of Architects, the Northeast Illinois Chapter of The American Institute of Architects has awarded scholarships to two students pursuing architectural degrees.

Galkin photoHannah Galkin
University of Minnesota

Hannah is a student at the University of Minnesota who expects to earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture in May 2018.  Hannah says, “My goal as a future architect is simple, I would like to work within a city, specifically, redesigning abandoned and blighted buildings and properties, to help create a better, more sustainable urban environment.”  Hannah would like to focus her career on urban architecture.  Hannah says the goal of the urban architect is to make the city a diverse and functional place for everyone to live.



TylerTaylor Schmidt
University of Notre Dame

A student at the University of Notre Dame, Taylor anticipates earning a Bachelors of Architecture in May 2021.  Taylor plans to incorporate classicism into his work because of the experience he will gain through Notre Dame’s mandatory 2 semester study abroad in Rome.  Taylor says, “Understanding and seeing the tectonics of structures that have lasted thousands of years will be more than beneficial in my growth as an architecture student.”  Taylor said that being able to continue learning throughout his career is what excites him most about being an architect.

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