Claredon Hills Carbon Footprint Project

“How can we educate our community about sustainability?”
This is the question asked by the Village Director of Community Development.
Our answer is a 40’ footprint on a vacant lot in the middle of downtown Clarendon Hills.
On festival evenings the footprint fills with educational materials to support six categories for sustainable education.

1.Water Management
3.Food and Diet
5.Recycling and Waste
These topics are derived from using The Nature Conservancy website carbon footprint calculator where residents are encouraged to evaluate their household carbon footprint and then investigate ways to reduce it. ( Local carbon footprint offset projects are being investigated placing funds back into the community.
The footprint has become the “talk of the town” and has inspired other projects like a Geo-Cashing educational treasure hunt to celebrate other sustainable projects within the community. This simple environmental installation has reached a regional audience and other local communities along the train line are pursuing similar measures.

1.Create a positive dialogue with the community about environmental issues.
2.Provide resources and links to organizations that support carbon footprint reduction.
3.Encourage sustainability and “thrivability” within our community though activities and implementation of environmental features.

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