With the end of the 2017 season upon us, I would like to take a moment to express some final thoughts as the outgoing president.

First, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the existing Board of Directors. I personally appreciate all your time, hard work and leadership in making this year a success for the membership. I am sure that the members who have participated over this year would agree.

Second, I would like to thank our Executive Director and Assistant for all their hard work and efforts in supporting the board and myself. Your efforts were recognized and greatly appreciated.

Third, I would like to thank the new board members for stepping forward and willing to participate in the coming year. We look to their input to provide new and diverse ideas to the board for the benefit of the membership.

I would also like to challenge the current membership to step up and become more involved in YOUR association. We are here to provide benefits to you, our membership and look to your participation to allow you to grow and bring successes your way.

I hope that more members will take the time to participate in at least a few programs or committees in the coming year, and together, the membership will grow strong and wide.

Finally, I would like to wish Dan Purpura the best of luck in the coming year. He was elected to be the 2018 President, and I feel that he will be a great leader for the association. I would also like to wish all the continuing and new board members success in the coming year and look forward to your continued leadership.

I look forward to many wonderful opportunities in 2018.


Robert Plichta
AIA/NEI President 2017

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